Siri Speaks Seven New Languages In IOS 8.3 Beta 2

Apple seeded the latest iOS 8.3 beta to developers yesterday. As well as introducing a number of improvements to Emoji in iOS 8.3 beta 2, the developer release also includes a bunch of new languages in Siri.

Later this year, when iOS 8.3 is released to the public, Siri will be able to speak and understand Russian, Danish, Dutch, Thai, Turkish, Swedish and Portuguese.

Siri Speaks Seven New Languages In IOS

Siri will also add support for more accents from English-speaking regions with English for India and New Zealand also being included. The new options are accessible via the Siri settings panel in the iOS Settings app.

While there’s currently no public release timeframe for iOS 8.3, it is rumored that Apple will open a public beta testing program for the software in mid-March in order to help iron out bugs.

Apple is also developing iOS 8.2 for release in March with support for Apple Watch, iOS 8.4 in the summer featuring Apple’s new music streaming service and iOS 9 for release in the fall.

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