Turn Your IPhone 6 Into A Virtual Reality Headset With Pinć For Just $99

Meet Pinć, a $99 iPhone 6 case that turns your device into a virtual reality headset. The headset, combined with a free app and optical control rings worn on the finger, promises to give you Minority Report-style software interactions.

Cordon Media, the team behind Pinć (pronounced pinch), aim to take virtual reality mainstream by offering a solution that goes beyond gaming headsets and is always with you.

Pinć is the first VR platform that fits in your pocket allowing you to use your phone traditionally without any interruption with the ability to unfold into a Virtual Reality Headset with integrated controllers.

The Toronto-based team has developed a patent-pending prototype for Pinć which it claims is the only pocket-sized mobile platform bringing VR headsets out of the gaming world and into the mainstream.

Turn Your IPhone 6 Into A Virtual Reality Headset With Pinć

The device is controlled by optical control rings worn on index fingers that pinch to click with users’ hands. Pinć is a built on the concept of “spatial computing” and turns browsing, multitasking and shopping into an immersive experience. If the demo videos are anything to go by, that much is certainly true.

There’s also a Pinć software development kit so the iOS developer community can take advantage of the Pinć hardware and create their own immersive virtual reality experiences while Cordon will be creating its own VR shopping experience to show off the device’s capabilities.

Cordon Media launched its Pinć Indiegogo campaign today with a goal of raising C$100,000 for further development. For C$99, you can get yourself a single Pinć unit with other packages also available. All being well, the devices will ship to backers in June 2015.

Turn Your IPhone 6 Into A Virtual Reality Headset

Read more about Pinć at hellopinc,com and check out the Indiegogo campaign here.

Do you think virtual reality has mainstream appeal? Could VR be used for more than gaming? Would you be interested in turing your iPhone into a VR headset? Let us know all of your thoughts below i the comments

Turn Your IPhone 6 Into A Virtual Reality

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