As new iPhones come, many older iPhones find themselves being sold. Although selling through direct methods like Craigslist or eBay might have higher yields, they don’t guarantee a sale or safety. Some companies have introduced some alternative strategies to get some money out of your soon-to-be-old iPhone. Here are some of the best options.

Apple Reuse and Recycling Program

After the popularity of some services gained traction, Apple partnered up with Brightstar for an iPhone, iPad, and Mac repurchase program. They will give you an Apple store gift card in exchange for your device. You can complete the process online, or take your phone into any Apple store to receive an Apple Store gift card.


Glyde offers a relatively unique approach to buying and selling iPhones. Kind of like eBay, Glyde allows you to lis

your iPhone on their site for a given price. They offer advice on current market value, and how fast a phone will sell at your price. Once your phone sells, Glyde sends you their pre-paid shipping materials, and you mail off your phone.

After the package is received by the buyer, Glyde deposits the money into your Glyde account. You can spend the money on Glyde, they can deposit it into your bank account, send you a check (for a $2 fee), or pay you in Bitcoin.


Gazelle is one of the more well-known third-party iPhone buyers. You may have seen their advertisements on TV. Even though they have the money to buy ads, they’re also known to pay some of the best prices for iPhones.

Gazelle gives you a quote for your device. Once you send it to them (they pay for shipping), they pay you with a check, PayPal, or Amazon gift cards. They are currently offering to guarantee your quote until October 10th, which means that you can hold onto your iPhone until you get your next one, send it in, and get paid.


NextWorth has an online model that’s very similar to Gazelle. They give you a quote and a shipping label, you send it, and they pay you with a check, a NextWorth Discover prepaid card, PayPal, or a Target gift card.

NextWorth is also known to pay a good amount for iPhones. They stand out with their in-store partnerships, which allow you to take your phone to one of 1500 partner stores in the United States in exchange for store credit for the given store.

Retail stores

Other stores like Walmart and Best Buy also offer store credit for used iPhones. Just go to any of their locations, and they will give you store credit in exchange for your iPhone.

Are you planning on getting a new iPhone this fall? If you know of another good way to get paid for your iPhone, please share in the comments!

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