IPhone 6, 6 Plus, Apple Watch Or Apple Pay – Which Was Today’s Biggest Announcement? [POLL]

Tim Cook, Phil Schiller and Kevin Lynch (plus U2) all got up on stage at the Flint Center this afternoon to announce a whole new selection of Apple products. For the first time since the iPad in 2010, Apple entered a new category: Watches.

Interestingly enough, the Apple Watch (note: not iWatch) was never referred to as a ‘smart watch’ which tells you exactly where Cupertino’s focus lies on this device. It’s fashion first. And you can tell from all the design and customization options.

Along with the brand new watch, Apple launched the Retina HD display equipped iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Among the new iPhone features was NFC (about time), designed to take advantage of another new product/service: Apple Pay.

Using your iPhone 6, 6 plus or Apple Watch, you’ll be able to pay for your goods at stores and restaurants just by tapping your device on the receiver and/or your fingerprint on Touch ID. It’s rather cool. A mobile wallet which might actually take off, unlike other tried and failed methods.

But the question is: Which of Apple’s newest products is the biggest, most exciting or most important? Is the large-screened iPhone what the company needed to take back market share from the Android-powered flagships? Is the Apple Watch the connected smart watch we’ve all been waiting for? Or is the company’s attempt at mobile payments going to be the pivotal point we remember for changing the payments industry? Take part in our poll.

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