First Look At Apple’s Official Leather IPhone 6 Plus Case [Gallery]

The iPhone 6 isn’t quite here yet, but, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases started shipping out early and I was able to get my hands on. Like last year, Apple launched a range of bespoke, slim leather cases for its new models.

And on first impressions, they look even better made than last year. There’s a really nice smooth surface on the exterior, with a gently embossed Apple logo, while the inside is coated with a beautifully soft, almost fluffy suede material.

First Look At Apple’s Official Leather IPhone 6 Plus

Of course, the leather isn’t magically holding its form on its own. It’s essentially thin leather stuck on to a very, very slim flexible but durable plastic. And personally, I’m glad the case arrived early. I now get a proper feel for how big the 6 Plus is going to be.

First Look At Apple’s Official Leather IPhone

Unlike last year’s model, the entire bottom edge is going to be exposed, instead of having individual cutouts and holes for the speaker and microphone. And yeah, it’s going to feel huge if all you’ve ever used is an iPhone:

IPhone 6 Plus Case

Thankfully, I’ve been rocking a couple of 5.5-inch Android phones for the past few months. It should feel just fine.

IPhone 6 Plus

The only cutouts on the case exist to give you access to the mute switch, and to leave space for the camera. All the buttons will be covered by leather “buttons” ensuring that they’re protected, but also usable. If they’re anything like the 5s and its case last year, it should provide a really nice clicking experience.

Apple’s Official Leather IPhone 6 Plus Case

There’s nothing remarkable here. Just an understated, but very well made leather case. You’d be hard pushed to find anything better, until Twelve South releases its own SurfacePad for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. I’m predicting those will be killer.

Official iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases are available to order from now. Leather cases cost $49 for the 6 Plus, $45 for the 6 and come in black, navy, brown, beige and (Product) RED.

Silicone cases are also available in black, white, blue, pink, green and (Product) RED and cost $35 and $39 for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus respectively.

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