Apple Reportedly Acquires Prss, IPad Magazine Creation Software

A new report coming out of Netherlands-based blog iCulture claims Apple have made yet another acquisition this year. The report claims Apple has acquired Prss, a small software company that aims to make it easy to create tablet-optimized magazines. The app was made available for both iOS and Android.

Prss (pronounced “press”) launched in 2012, and gained more of a following after it received media coverage in 2013. The software was a web based app that made it easy for magazine creators to create and publish magazines optimized for the larger displays found on tablets.

It also allowed creators to publish the magazines to their own apps, which were also created through Prss. It featured a simple drag and drop interface, making it a “what you see is what you get” type of app. This made it extremely easy for creators to make great looking magazines in a short amount of time.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Apple would be interested in an app of this nature. Its own iBooks app has been around since iOS 5, and still struggles to find much of a user base.

The report claims that some of Prss’s employees have already taken on new roles at Apple. It’s also worth noting that Prss announced back in July that it was shutting down, and the Prss website has since been completely shut down. At this time, neither Apple or Prss have confirmed the acquisition.

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