Apple has now started rolling out an iPhone 5s screen replacement service in some of its stores in the U.S. The aim here, of course, is to offer a cheaper alternative to customers with damaged screens who previously would have needed to pay to replace the phone or have sent it out to Apple’s servicing and replacement center. A process which could take a week.

AppleInsider verified the information with a number of stores across the States, and notes that the service is not guaranteed in all retail locations. But it is essentially the same as the service currently offered to iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 users. It makes use of the same machine (above) as those two models, enabling staff to perfectly line-up the screen.

As for cost – depending on the damage – it’ll typically set you back $149 if it’s not covered by your warranty/AppleCare+. Compared to the previous $269 fee quoted for replacing the device, it’s a huge saving and much more affordable to the masses.

Providing your phone doesn’t have water damage, or any other serious breakage, the Apple Store technicians will replace the display in the store within an hour. If it is more serious, it’ll need sending off to a specialist off-site repair center. A trip which will undoubtedly cost more.

Let us know if you’ve used Apple’s on-site screen replacement service. Is it as quick and painless as suggested? Sound off in the comments section

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