New Photos Of Claimed IPhone 6 Parts Show Off Apple Logo, Revamped Speaker Design, More

A number of new photos have been shared by serial leakers that are said to depict several parts belonging to the upcoming iPhone 6.

The first image, above, allegedly shows the SIM card trays and home buttons for the iPhone 6 in the three expect colour ways: silver, space gray, and gold. If these parts are legitimate, the colors of the next generation iPhone will be the same as those of last year’s iPhone 5s which would be in line with previous rumors.

The SIM trays also appear to have a slightly rounded external edge on the side that fits flush with the outside of the iPhone. This would back up rumors of an iPhone 6 with a rounded chassis.

The next image shows what is thought to be the rear Apple logo for the iPhone 6 which will be embedded into the back of the device, as other leaks have suggested. NWE notes that the material is not particularly tough and shows the logo with damage sustained from a knife in another image, contrasting with previous rumors of a scratch resistant material for the rear logo.

Other images at NWE, shown below, depict what is said to be a revamped speaker component and vibrator motor of the iPhone.

The internal speaker is noticeably larger than that found in the iPhone 5s suggesting some improvement to the sonic output of the next-gen device, whether that is quality or simply volume remains to be seen (or, should I say heard?). The vibration motor appears to have taken on a new rectangular shape too, although the change will most likely be fairly unnoticeable to the end user.

All of these new part leaks support the notion of a radically redesigned iPhone 6, both externally and internally.

NWE has a bunch more images at the source link which you should check out. Then, let us know in the comments if you think these parts are the real deal and how you think they’ll impact upon the final product!

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