Bloomberg today is reporting that sources close to Apple have confirmed that a new version of the iPad Air and iPad Mini have entered mass production, slated for a launch sometime this quarter or next.

While most reports detail the usual iPad update suspects, such as an updated A8 processor, TouchID integration, and improved cameras, this source includes mention of a new, display glass coated with an anti-reflective material.

The source claims Apple is making the change in an effort to improve iPad usage outdoors, which many have criticized as being too difficult because of its highly reflective screen. If one might remember, it was not long ago Amazon launched a Kindle advertisement campaign that targeted the iPad’s inability to be used in direct sunlight.

As rumor has it, Apple has scheduled its annual iPhone unveiling for September 9th. At the moment, it’s unclear whether or not Apple will announce these new iPads alongside the iPhone 6, but if we don’t see an announcement in September, expect one shortly after, as Apple will more than likely want to get the new models out before the holiday season in an effort to boost sales.

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