In-ear headphones can be an absolute pain in the you-know-what. In fact, I tend not to wear them at all. Silicone tipped ones generally either fit so tight they push all the air out of your ears, or just slip out constantly.

Memory foam is a great alternative to silicone, but they get grubby fairly quickly and they’re not easy to clean either. The alternative? Ordering a customized pair of earphones molded exactly to your ear. Except that costs a fortune.

As a sort of halfway between the regular in-ear and expensive custom molded, Normal is offering a unique service. Using an iPhone app, you scan your ears, that builds up a custom-fit earphone template for each ear, you choose your color and place an order.

Normals have been engineered to fit each individual ear, meaning there’s no one that’s exactly the same as another. And because they’re a better fit than usual earphones, you get a better sound experience.

Helped further by the premium drivers and components used inside the earphones. What’s more, the earphones are engineered, manufactured and assembled in New York City with the process from order to shipping taking as little as 48 hours. Not bad. As a little sweetener, they’re shipped in personalized carrying case, all for $199.

We’re hoping to get our hands on some of these soon to review, but you can start pre-ordering your own pair now. If you do, let us know how the experience is.

Head on over to to check them out.

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