With TiPs and Tricks, we’re bringing you the useful things you can achieve with your iOS device. Unlike bog-standard tutorials, this is more about making iOS work for you, by making use of all its features. This week, I show you how to create more personal template responses using a simple keyboard shortcut.

By now, most iOS users will be aware that their phone/tablet allows them to create keyboard shortcuts. As default you have “omw” set up to respond with “On my way!”. You could set up your own for common expressions such as “okay”, “be there soon”, “love you lots”. But you could also use it to create even longer responses.

In my work, I get a ton of emails flooding my inbox every day. Sometimes it’s when I’m out and about. I’m not off work as such, so I don’t want to switch my “away from office” response live.

But I do want those who contact me to know I’ve read their message or email, or seen their missed call. In those situations, it’s handy to have some customized shortcuts ready-made. In this video, I show you how to create a basic message template with its own shortcut.

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