We’ve not had a shortage of iPhone 6 leaks this past week. We saw a collection of sketchy schematics showing a brand new design with rounded edges, and a much thinner chassis. Today’s images seem to go along with those sketches, but this time, they claim to show an actual rear shell being worked on at a Foxconn plant. Photos were originally posted on Weibo.

It’s important to note that we can’t tell how genuine these images are. The protruding lens on the back is something similar to the setup on the iPod touch. And it’s not unlike Apple to create a thinner product than the previous generation.

In fact, with each new design, it’s been one of the key talking points and one which rears its head in almost every Apple product. Look at the current designs of iMac, MacBook, iPad and Mac mini. They’re all smaller, lighter and thinner than their predecessors.

Still, a pinch of salt is recommended. And I won’t be as hasty to dismiss these as I was with the plastic iPhone shells from last year. That kinda back-fired on me.

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