IPhone 6 Needs A Screen Larger Than 4.5-Inches According To Over 85% Of TiP Poll-Takers

A couple of weeks ago we published a poll to find out what size you wanted the next iPhone’s screen to be. 731 people responded, and over 90% of you wanted the next display to be bigger. As you can see from the results above, only 6% thought that the current iPhone’s display is the perfect size.

After hearing and reading so many rumors about the next iPhone having a big display, I guess that’s not exactly surprising.

But, what took me slightly by surprise was the fact that almost all respondents think that 4.5-inches is the absolute minimum, with almost 40% voting 4.7-inches to be the best size. Over a quarter want something bigger than 5.0-inches, approaching “phablet” category.

As an Apple product user, I have to say that – overall – I’ve always been pleased with the devices the company releases. None of them are perfect, and each has areas it needs improving.

With the iPhone, and the way the smartphone market is going, it’s clear that a larger screen is necessary. For me, it’s all about typing and media consumption. My thumbs trip over each other on the iPhone’s narrow display, and watching videos and gaming isn’t exactly immersive.

What do you think? Would you be upset by a larger iPhone, or delighted?

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