While here at Today’s iPhone we’ve been focusing less on news and more on editorials, every once in a while, it’s worth pointing out a little-known or little-used feature that is available on iOS that could change the way you use your iPhone.

Today, I want to focus on a feature that I am personally beginning to use more and more, and that is location-based reminders.

As a college student, it is really important for me to be able to remember what I need to do and when I need it done. But since my schedule is pretty much fully planned out for me with classes, most of my ‘to-do list’ is based off of where I’m located at the time.

So because of that, I figured it was worth sharing with you how to set location-based reminders on your phone. While this can be done with Siri, I figured I’d take time to explain how to set location-based Reminders through the reminders app itself.

1. Open the Reminders app

2. Tap on the list you wish to add your reminder to

3. Tap to add your reminder

4. Once you’ve added your reminder’s title, tap the ‘i‘ icon to add more info and set a location

5. Toggle Remind me at a location to on and then tap Location below it

6. Tap to search for a location or use Current Location or a saved address

7. Tap the desired location from the results and then drag the black marker on the map to set the geofence. You can set your reminder to alert you when you arrive or when you leave the parameters of the location you have selected. When you’ve done this, tap Details in the top left to go back to your reminder’s information.

8. You’ll see your location is now set. Simply press Done in the top right corner to save your reminder.

Although I hadn’t really used the stock Reminders app in iOS until recently, I’ve learned that it is honestly one of the most functional and useful features built into iOS. If you have any questions about location-based reminders, or any other features you want to be featured on TiP, let us know in the comments section

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