Among some of the changes within iOS 7.1 – launched yesterday – was a supposed performance boost for the iPhone 5s’ Touch ID sensor. Turns out, things haven’t improved for everyone. In fact, the exact opposite is taking place.

Head on over to this conversation on Apple’s discussion board and you’ll see a growing list of users complaining that Touch ID isn’t working properly, or – at worst – not at all.

User All8867 states the following:

“After installing iOS 7.1 Touch ID stopped working. When I put my finger on the sensor nothing happens.

I already tried rebooting and switching Touch ID on and off. None of that seemed to work. Is there anyone else experiencing similar problems?”

Most of the respondents with the same problem have tried the usual: Rebooting the phone, deleting fingerprints and trying to set up new ones. But that doesn’t work. It seems like the Touch ID sensor just isn’t picking up a signal for a lot of them. Some of those who tried to add new fingerprints noted that it failed to register at all:

User tcraw noted:

“I have the same issue. Fingerprint no longer works. I deleted my old fingerprints, rebooted and it will not allow me to add new fingerprints.”

We’re not sure that there’s an easy fix for this one. It sounds like Apple might need to release a new, smaller update specifically to deal with this issue.

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