Virgin Mobile is currently offering contract-free iPhones at exceptionally low prices.

The Sprint subsidiary is selling the phones locked to the Virgin/Sprint network. The iPhone 5s 16GB can now be bought for just $384.99! The 32GB 5S will set you back $455, and the 64GB version will cost $525. As you can imagine these are absolutely fantastic deals.

Contract-Free IPhones Get Heavy Discounts On Virgin

The iPhone 5c also got a heavy reduction, with the 16GB 5c costing $315, and the 32GB version the same price as the 16GB 5s. Virgin offers some pretty competitive mobile data plans, starting at just $30 a month and offering unlimited data (throttled after 2.5GB of use, not including 4G).

Rumor has it that Chronic Unlocks will unlock these phones for $130, so you could bag yourself an unlocked iPhone 5s for a little more than $500.

This really is a great deal, so if you’re looking for a new iPhone, this should certainly be a contender in your search!

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