Tim Cook Honors Steve Jobs On His Birthday ‘Details Matter, It’s Worth Waiting To Get It Right’

Today marks what would have been Steve Jobs’ 59th birthday and Apple fans around the world are remembering the late Apple co-founder on this day, more than two years after his death.

Unsurprisingly, Apple CEO Tim Cook is one of those remembering Jobs today acknowledging the day in a pair of tweets and vowing to honor Jobs by “continuing the work he loved so much”:

Remembering my friend Steve on his birthday. “Stay hungry, Stay foolish”. We honor him by continuing the work he loved so much.

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) February 24, 2014

While remembering Jobs’ attention to detail and perfectionism, Cook re-emphasizes Apple’s philosophy of waiting to ship devices until they are ready:

Remembering Steve on his birthday: “Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right.”

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) February 24, 2014

Tim Cook has promised that the company has some “big plans” for 2014 and that new product categories will be entered this year. Apple is rarely a company to rush things to market, and Cook may be quietly asking for some patience as the company continues to work on some “really great stuff“.

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