Questionable Rumor Says LG “Stepped” Battery Tech Will Be Used In IWatch

Questionable Rumor Says LG “Stepped” Battery Tech Will Be Used In IWatch

What’s a day without an iWatch rumor? A day that isn’t over, that’s what. Today’s daily dose of iWatch goodness is a suspicious report coming out of Korean news source The Korean Herald.

The report states that Apple will look to LG and Samsung to provide a new “stepped” battery technology for the upcoming iWatch that Apple has been rumored to have in the making for years now.

According to the Korean Herald, the reasoning for choosing this technology is that “Apple will utilize LG Chem’s stepped battery since it offers better longevity than others and can be applied for different shapes.”

Seems reasonable. Then you continue reading to see that the Korean Herald makes the claim that Apple will completely solar powered, aka sans-battery completely. That’s a tad outrageous, to be easy on the rumor.

While other rumors have said that there is a possibility of solar power coming to the device, however no other rumors state that the device will ditch the battery completely.

To be honest, something like that just sounds absurd. Running a watch completely on solar? Looks like everyone that works and spends their days indoors due to unfavorable weather won’t be able to use their iWatch…

Take a grain of salt with this rumor, to say the least. While there is rumor after rumor about solar power in Apple products, I highly doubt that the device would go full sans-battery in a world where most devices are trying to pack in more battery.

The rumor of Apple using LG battery tech – produced by LG and Samsung – doesn’t so as far fetched, though.

What do you think? Would you use this with no battery? How would it work? Let us know in the comments

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