IQi Mobile Wireless Charging Adapter For IPhone 5/5s/5c – First Look And Hands On

If you thought that the only option for wireless charging on your iPhone was to stick it inside a big, bulky case like the Duracell Powermat, think again. Fonesalesman launched a successful crowd-sourced product on Indiegogo a few months back called iQi Mobile, and it’s fantastic.

Unlike the others, iQi Mobile is a small adapter. It’s as thin as card with a Qi-compatible coil inside. You plug it in to your iPhone’s Lightning adapter and fold the unit back inside almost any slim iPhone case. Once you’re happy it’s in neatly, you simply place your iPhone on top of a Qi wireless charger/adapter and it starts to charge. It’s really rather magical. And, although it might not be the most elegant solution, it’s certainly the most convenient.

Order the iQi Mobile from Fonesalesman. It costs £21 in the UK, $35 in the US and €26 in Europe.

If you haven’t already got a Qi technology wireless charging base, you can grab the Koolpad or Koolpuck from the company’s site at the same time.

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