Apple Job Listings Hint At Possibility Of ITV

Tim Cook has said as recently as last quarter’s earnings call that Apple is expected to enter new product markets in the year 2014. That means that it shouldn’t be long before we see a new product coming out of Cupertino, right? Well, because of Cook’s statements, all the focus recently has been on the much rumored iWatch.

While this may be annoying for some, it is allowing the opportunity for the possibility of another new device, possibly the iTV, to slip under the rumor radar and continue to go unnoticed. However, new job listings have been uncovered that hint that a new TV device could be on the way from the tech giant.

The job listings claim that Apple is currently looking for a Content Partner Engineer as well as a Software QA Engineer. The Content Partner job would entail encouraging other companies, such as HBO, to allow their content on Apple’s devices.

Recent rumors have claimed that Apple is now looking to attract actual cable providers, rather than going after each network individually. The Software QA job is likely to work on the software that would power the upcoming iTV. Both jobs are listed as working as part of the Apple TV team, but it seems as if this could be pointing to a new product.

Below is the job description for the Content Partner Engineer:

The Apple TV team is looking for an experienced engineer with a passion for delivering first in class home entertainment solutions. The candidate will work with talented engineers in a fast paced, technically demanding environment. The individual must be self motivated, an excellent problem solver and a fast learner. Very strong technical skills and a track record of multi-tasking is a must.

While this doesn’t solidify the fact that Apple is looking to create a new TV product, it certainly doesn’t make it any less likely. Would you be interested in an Apple made TV? Use the comments section

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