Umoove App For IOS Shows Off Awesome Face And Eye Tracking Technology

Face and eye tracking has always been something of a novelty (do people really use eye tracking on Galaxy phones?), but Umoove is looking to make it a reality for games and apps on iOS. Umoove has released an application on iOS that demonstrates the technology, and has even provided an API so developers can implement this in their own apps.

The Umoove Experience release is intended to serve as the catalyst that will help launch a new sort of human-machine interaction to mainstream audiences. In the coming months, Umoove, along with various partners, will be releasing more face and eye interaction technology across various verticals in the fields of advertising, gaming, medical, security and more.

Umoove has stated that their key objective as a company is to enhance the mobile user experience by adding a new layer of interaction on top of touch. “You can take an existing application and, suddenly, it becomes a whole new world where you feel that you are a part of the experience” said Yitzi Kempinski, co-founder and CEO.

Applications will soon be able to take advantage of this, and developers hopefully will implement this in to some of the high profile games on the App Store. Personally, this sounds awesome to me, and I can’t wait to see what some people come up with for it. Get the Umoove app free in the App Store here: Umoove.

What do you think? What games do you want to see implement this? What are some other uses for this? Let us know in the comments

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