Tim Cook has given an exclusive interview to ABC news alongside Craig Federighi and Bud Tribble to mark the Mac’s 30th birthday.

In the interview cook confirmed that Apple’s new plant in Mesa, Arizona was indeed built to produce sapphire crystal glass components for Apple products, however he declined to specify where this glass might used.

He also purported that Apple was looking to “do more” when it came to manufacturing devices and parts in America, following the success of the Mac Pro.

Tim Cook Confirms Mesa Sapphire Plant To ABC, ITV And IWatch Remain Mysteries

Of course, when badgered about the phantom Apple television set, or a potential wearable device, Cook remained silent. Personally, I hope it’s because the iWatch isn’t real, but more likely, Cook is simply keeping the device a secret so that we’re all mind blown when the announcement rolls around.

The full interview will be broadcast on ABC tonight, so be sure to tune in if you’d like to see the whole thing!

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