The larger iPad rumors just will not go away as yet another report claims inside knowledge of Apple’s plans to release an “iPad Pro”. According to IBT, a Foxconn insider is spilling the beans regarding some features of Apple’s next generation products.

According to today’s report, the iPad Pro will feature a 2K resolution display with eye-tracking technology. And I’m not buying it. Not even in the slightest.

Firstly a 2K display. Why refer to it as such? The iPad Air already has 2048 pixels across the display. Technically speaking, it already is a 2K display. However, what’s known as 2K digital cinema has a resolution of 2048×1080. iPad Air has 2048×1536.

It’s a higher resolution, so, will Apple drop the resolution just to go with a standard cinema format? I think not. It’d be less sharp and would require a new aspect ratio, and for developers to embrace it would be more effort than it’s worth. Unless this so-called iPad Pro is running a version of OS X instead of iOS, it makes no sense whatsoever.

“Reported features of the device include a 2K display and eye tracking. The 2k display will be the first version and then another version with a 4K display will come up. There are also reports saying that Apple will remove the Retina technology from its next line of iPads.”

Personally, I wonder if anyone reading in to these rumors actually knows Apple at all? Firstly, ditching a screen technology and resolution it’s been working on for years in favor of the universal standard 16:9 format? Then, changing it again in a year’s time? You only have to look at how long Apple clung on to its original iPhone screen size and resolution to realize it’s almost certainly not going to happen.

Eye-tracking? Seriously? This isn’t Samsung. It’s Apple. It sounds like the usual pipe-dream rumors coming from “the supply chain”. Probably unchecked, unverified by reliable sources and not worth your time.

We’ve read a few times that Apple is planning a 12.9-inch iPad for release.There is every possibility that Apple is testing one, but it won’t necessarily see the light of day.

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