Jim Nevarde must be one of the unluckiest holiday shoppers to have set foot in a Target store this Christmas. Or rather, two Target stores.

TheDenverChannel.com reports on a story where the California-based man wanted to buy his wife an iPod Classic as a gift. At the Mera Mesa Target store he coughed up his cash, wrapped it and waited for Christmas morning to arrive.

His wife was surprised when she unwrapped it, but even more surprised during unboxing. Instead of having an iPod inside, it was stuffed with erasers and index cards.

“About five of them fit exactly in the space where the iPod goes,” he said.

“It was a little strange,” stated Nevarde, who just spent $293 on the iPod and its warranty. “Obviously, somebody got in there and rewrapped it with shrink-wrap.”

Nevarde then went to a different Target to replace his “iPod” with another. Upon taking a sealed unit to the checkout he asked to open it up in store to check its contents. Lo and behold, it’s also filled with stationery.

It’s a little crazy, and I can’t imagine ever having to go through this experience myself. Thankfully I never have. But, Target is looking in to it to see where the issue lies.

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