San Francisco District Attorney Pushes For Activation Lock To Be Enabled By Default

Perhaps one of the most important security features that was included in Apple’s new iOS 7 update this fall is the inclusion of the new Activation Lock feature that works together with Find My iPhone. The feature essentially lets users lock their devices if lost, and help prevent thieves from using the stolen iPhone.

However, one of the largest pitfalls to the new feature is the fact that it isn’t automatically enabled. This has led to concerns that the feature isn’t being as useful as it could be. This has led San Francisco district attorney George Gascón to request that Apple enable the new Activation Lock feature by default.

According to a study in San Francisco of a very small portion of residents, nearly 80% had activated the setting and Gascón claims that this proves that the feature is in demand. He also believes that the feature is helpful enough, and in demand enough, that Apple should automatically enable the feature on all iPhones.

While there are still quite a few users that don’t take advantage of the new feature, it is possible that they simply don’t know about the feature. I personally believe that the feature has the ability to be incredibly useful, and can protect users’ data if their phone is stolen.

I think that having the feature enabled by default, and forcing users to opt out, rather than opt in, is actually a good idea and could prove beneficial to users. Would you prefer to have the feature enabled by default? Sound off in the comments section below

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