At&T has launched its brand new Mobile Share Value Plans in a bid to offer customers a new way to share data.

Starting on December 8, customers will be able to choose a Mobile Share Value plan if they wish, these plans provide customers with the opportunity to add smartphones to AT&T’s network for much less than normal.

All Mobile Share Value customers will receive unlimited talk and text on their devices, as well as a shared data allowance. Up to 10 devices can be connected to these plans, including tablets. If you’re a business customer, you can have as many as 25 devices on these plans.

AT&T Launches Mobile Share Value Plans

Now customers can join AT&T as a smartphone customer for just $45 a month, which will get them unlimited talk and text as well as 300MB of data. Phones can then be added to the plan for just $25 a month, or $10 for tablets. AT&T Share Value plans can offer as much as 50GB of data, all with unlimited talk and text.

AT&T is also adding an 18 month upgrade option to its plans, which can be used on up to four smarthpones. The new plans will make monthly smartphone payments lower than AT&T’s next option, spreading them over 26 months whilst maintaining an earlier upgrade date.

It has never been easier to operate an iPhone on AT&T’s network, and now with Mobile Share Value plans you can keep track of multiple phones under one data allowance, making your plans and payments more streamlined and easier to understand than ever before. For a full list of AT&T’s Mobile Share plans, click here.

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