Twitter has just updated its iOS app, bringing users a couple of cool new features, including search filters and TV trends.

As you well know, the amount of content on Twitter is staggering, and it’s growing exponentially every second. The new search filters help you find exactly what you’re looking for among all the riff raff.

Another new feature is the inclusion of additional trend information, which will now tell users about further trends both on the TV and other local content, this can be found in the Discover section of the app, after the other trends that normally feature.

The final improvement is the ability to take a screenshot of your verification backup code when you sign up for Twitter, or the ability to generate a new code if you’re already a user, which will make it a lot easier to recover login information, and sign into Twitter.

Version 5.13 features no other updates, but it’s available now to download on iOS universally absolutely free! App Store

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