Pebble Updated To Better Support IOS 7 And Notification Center

Pebble Updated To Better Support IOS 7 And Notification Center

Pebble Updated To Better Support IOS 7 And Notification Center

When Pebble launched it didn’t have that great of support for iOS due to restrictions, but with iOS 7 new possibilities arose. Well, the new 1.3.0 update for Pebble it can get the notifications sent to Notification Center from any service, even third party applications.

Also in the new update is the ability to stop and play music as well as answer or hang up a phone call. This update makes Pebble, at least in my eyes, a lot more useful for iOS users.

In the past, Pebble could only access a small number of notifications, and not many (if any) 3rd party application notifications. This update finally brings it to an entirely new level of usefulness, making it a lot more attractive to iOS users.

Personally, this trend of wearable technology is very exciting in my view. Smart watches are a great field that just hasn’t been explored deep enough yet, and while I do hope that Apple brings something great to the table, I’m not saying that I know it will be the best; it hasn’t even been released yet, if it ever will be.

Google Glass is another form of wearable technology that has caught my eye, and I think something like that has a tremendous amount of potential. Google doing the “Explorer Program” is a great idea as it will hopefully allow developers and everyday people to provide Google with feedback that will allow it to market this device successfully, as well as built it into something that everyone will want to use.

The challenge with wearable technology is adoption. No one thinks they “need” it yet. It is a great convenience, something techies will tell you is awesome, but on one needs it yet. It’ll take some great product – at the right price – to make someone say they need it.

What do you think? Are you a Pebble owner who loves the new features? Do you like the idea of wearable technology? Let us know in the comments

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