The Motion Synth Turns Your IPhone Into A Motion-Controlled Instrument [Kickstarter Project]

A project has surfaced over on Kickstarter, showing how the iPhone can be turned into a motion-controlled musical instrument.

The Motion Synth from AUUG is a grip accessory, combined with an app, that allows you play notes on your phone and then manipulate their sound through motion. It can be used in conjunction with the AUUG app, or a whole host of other audio apps.

You can also use the device to tweak harmonies and effects if you use it alongside harmonizer hardware devices or effects app. It can be used to control software on a laptop or desktop wirelessly, and can even be used to control non-wireless hardware via a MIDI cable.

The Motion Synth Turns Your IPhone Into A Motion-Controlled Instrument [Kickstarter Project]

The grip is used over the iPhone’s screen, you play notes using your fingers, and then you can wave your device around, much like a Wii remote.

The Grip itself is made from a single sheet of aircraft grade aluminum, and is laser cut to ensure reliability, lightness and toughness.

The video below is a great way to really understand to this device fully.

The final part of this innovation is AUUG Cloud, which allows users to share what they have created using the AUUG, and sample the creations of others, allowing you to learn from others. Online there are also guides and tutorials, as well as product support.

The funding of this product is in its earliest throes, but if you find yourself so inclined, you can certainly back the product here. If you’d like to learn more about The Motion Synth from AUUG, then you can head on over to now!

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