IPad Air Smart Cover Not Aligning Properly? You’re Not Alone

Late last night we received an email from a disgruntled Apple customer after finding out that his newly purchased Smart Cover wasn’t aligning properly with the iPad Air. As anyone would, he took it back to his Apple store to get a new cover, only to discover that it wasn’t the cover’s fault.

Retail employees tested several of the Smart Covers in stock and none of them fit his iPad Air properly. But they did fit the iPad Airs on display in the store. He states:

“I took mine back to the Apple Store in Hong Kong where they tried different smart covers on my iPad Air and none fitted. They then tried them on one of their own iPad Airs and all the covers fitted perfectly. They are going to exchange my iPad Air (when they have stock).”

This reader is not alone. Over on Apple’s support pages, there’s a growing thread dedicated to this issue. It seems that some iPad Air units have their internal magnets fitted incorrectly. I guess the worst part is that there might be people out there without Smart Covers whose iPads are faulty, and they might not know it until they eventually buy a Smart Cover, or similar accessory.

If your Smart Cover isn’t fitting properly to your iPad Air, you should definitely take your tablet back to store and see about getting it swapped. It’s clear that a few tablets out there are faulty, or haven’t been manufactured correctly.

Let us know if you’ve struggled with this issue, or if you’ve been in to store and Apple’s swapped out your iPad for a new one.

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