Black Friday is almost upon us and that means one thing to American consumers: Discounted shopping. Often chosen as the time to pick up the large majority of gifts ready for Christmas, it’s the perfect time to get an iPhone, iPod, iPad or anything else Apple-branded.

In an effort to outdo each other, Best Buy, Walmart and Target have each announced details on deals ranging from TVs through iPhones and gift cards. But we’re only interested in the Apple stuffs. Deals – as far as we know – apply between November 28th and November 30th.

Best Buy

Heavy Discounts, Gift Card Offers On IPad, IPhone And IPod Announced For Black Friday By Best Buy, Walmart And Target

Best Buy has an entire ad page full of Apple device savings. You can grab an iPad Air for as little as $449, with the site offering at least $50 off on any iPad Air model. iPhone 5c is also cheaper to pick up, costing just $48 with a 2-year plan.

Even the iPod touch and Apple TV have been discounted. A new 32GB iPod touch will cost you just $249 and an Apple TV just $85. And, if you have all the products and just want some iTunes credit to use on apps, music and movies, you can grab a $100 gift card for just $85.



At Walmart, you’ll be able to pick up an iPhone 5s with $10 discount. But that’s not all, anyone buying an iPhone 5s or 5c will also receive a $75 gift card to spend in store. iPad mini buyers will be pleased to know that they can pick one up for $299 and get a $100 gift card to spend in store at Walmart.


Target was the first of the three to show its cards this holiday season, and the deals look pretty tasty. iPad mini starts from $299 and comes with a $75 gift card to spend at Target, whereas iPad Air buyers get a $100 gift card and $20 discount on the iPad’s price.

iPhone 5s comes in at $179 with a $30 gift card and the 16GB iPod touch costs $229 and comes with a $50 card. Even iTunes gift cards are discounted, a $60 card will only cost you $50.

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