Google Music IOS App Launch Supposedly “Imminent”

It seems like an age since Google first announced its All Access music service. At launch in May, Google stated an iOS app would be available “within weeks”. More than 20 weeks later, I’d say the parameters of “few weeks” have been crossed and we’ve been in “it’s never going to come” territory for a couple of months already.

Since then, we’ve heard more than one hint that it was indeed on its way to iOS “soon”. Most recently, Engadget‘s reporter, Matt Brian wrote on October 3rd that the iOS app would be available later that month.

October came and went without any launch. So, today’s announcement/tweet from @evleaks should be taken with a pinch of salt. The reliable leakster states that the app launch is “imminent”.

Honestly, at this point, I’ve arrived at the point of indifference. Three months ago, I’d have been excited to check it out. I’m also hesitant to believe any rumor about its imminent release, in fact, I’m skeptical that it’s coming at all.

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