Yahoo Mail Gets IOS Facelift And 1TB Of Free Storage

Yahoo Mail Gets IOS Facelift And 1TB Of Free Storage

Yahoo has given its Mail client for iOS a complete overhaul to celebrate the service’s 16th birthday.

The app has a brand new elegant and intuitive design that very much fits the theme of iOS 7.

Yahoo Mail Gets IOS Facelift And 1TB Of Free StorageYahoo Mail gets iOS facelift

The redesign looks absolutely fantastic, and will improve the experience of Yahoo Mail massively. Alongside the facelift is a bunch of awesome new features. The first is Conversations, which allow you to view your emails in a thread, a feature that has proven popular on other email clients.

Popular functions such as search, starring and deleting are now one-click actions that can be accessed simply by hovering over an email. The left hand toolbar is now collapsible, giving you a full screen view of your emails.

Another great addition is the release of some Mail Plus features for all. This includes disposable email addresses, enhanced filters, automatic message forwarding, and finally, 1TB of storage online!

The final awesome update is the ability to change up your inbox experience by adding themes, which include photos from FLickr, a feature also used in Yahoo’s excellent weather app. The changes to theme will remain across all your devices and your desktop browser for a seamless and personal email experience.

Yahoo Mail has been updated, and is available for free on iOS now! App Store

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