Video And Voice Calling Coming To BBM For IOS ‘Within Months’

It has emerged today that video and voice calling will be available on BBM for iOS ‘within months’.

BBM’s executive v-p alluded to the new services, which could see BBM become the most promising messaging app on iOS. The development would bring video calling and voice calling to BBM for iOS, which is currently only available on Blackberry.

To keep that service free, BBM is planning to introduce BBM channels, a Twitter-esque service featuring adverts, to allow Blackberry to generate revenue from its iOS and Android exploits.

This development could even mark the beginning of the end for mobile plans, but for now will mean that Blackberry offers the messaging power of WhatsApp, along with a FaceTime alternative and voice calling under the roof of one app. Would you be excited to see Blackberry offer free video and voice calling on iOS?

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