Pictures Suggest Apple IPad 5 Will Be 7.35mm Thick – Could Also Show Touch ID [Rumor]

With Apple planning to release its new iPad on October 22, it has emerged today that the 5th generation iPad may only be 7.35mm thick!

The pictures surfaced over a CTechCN, and appear to show a measuring device clamped on the 5th generation iPad.

If this purported rumor is true, then the 5th generation will be the 3rd thinnest tablet on the market, behind the Experia Z and the iPad mini. The 5th generation iPad would be more than 2mm thinner than the current iPad 4, a massive improvement! Naturally, such a massive form factor change will also have some pretty serious (and positive) consequences for the 5th generation iPad’s weight.

The second photo seems to confirm the 5th generation iPad’s move towards the form factor of the iPad mini, with thinner bezels, a different array of colors, most likely in line with the iPhone 5s.

This picture also offers us a much better glimpse at the 5th generation’s Home Button, which does appear to include a Touch ID sensor. This came up just a couple of days ago with some really grainy shots, however this photo makes for a much better reference.

It does seem that if these pictures are the real deal, then the 5th generation iPad will not only feature Touch ID, but a very slim form factor too! We only have 4 days to wait and find out!

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