You may remember, when the iPhone 5 was still a new device, reports surfaced online claiming that there was an issue with devices somehow bending. Of course, the users swore blind that they hadn’t placed them in back pockets or sat on them.

Apparently, the iPhones just did it themselves. There are claims that the same issue plagues the iPhone 5s. has a few images showing one iPhone that’s particularly bent.

iphone-5s-plie-tordu-03Having worked in retail, and used iPhones for years, I can quite happily state that I don’t believe them. You wouldn’t believe the number of people that used to walk in to my store claiming that their phone’s screen had cracked “all by itself”. I just can’t see how a solid and well-made piece of aluminum can bend that way without any force whatsoever.

Unless it’s been placed near something really warm and expanded as a result (as most metals will) and than contracted when it got cool again. Simple truth is that the user has indeed applied considerable physical force to it, either accidentally or on purpose. iPhones don’t “just bend” on their own. Saying that, it is quite odd that the glass on the display looks completely unharmed. Perhaps I’m too cynical.

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