It seems like just a few days since Apple released its brand new mobile operating system iOS 7. In fact, it’s only been 27 days, yet the software has already been adopted by 71% of all iDevices!

The staggering rate of update has smashed Apple’s previously held record from last year, when iOS 6 took 30 days to reach 61% of active iDevices. The news comes in spite of some messaging problems, and many negative reactions to iOS’ new design. Furthermore iOS 7 has produced a couple of lock screen security issues, which can often discourage users from updating.

IOS 7 Reaches 70% Adoption In Less Than One Month

iOS 7′s release day saw a 112% rise in online traffic, a testament to the heightened interest that Apple’s new software has produced. The incredible software cohesion and ease with which Apple’s devices can be updated is one of its strongest points.

Android’s fragmented operating system means that only a very select few get access to the latest and greatest Android software. Here however, it is clear that Apple’s iOS platform brings the best software to all with no fuss whatsoever.

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