Consumer Reports Loves IPhone 5s, But Says Battery And Display Could Do Better

The iPhone 5s has been receiving praise from almost every corner of the internet, and now Consumer Reports has put its word in. According to the report, Consumer Reports says that Touch ID is one of the “most compelling” things about the iPhone 5s, and that combined with its fantastic camera and updated internals make this phone a great device, trumping the iPhone 5 hands down.

The camera was said to be “one of the few in [Consumer Report’s] tests capable of taking excellent-quality pictures.” However, the report didn’t include all good news for Cupertino’s newest flagship smartphone, and the negativity revolved around that of the screen and battery.

Speaking of the screen and battery, Consumer Reports talks about different phones from Motorola, Samsung, HTC and LG, specifically bringing up the new lineup of “Droid” devices from Motorola in the case of battery life.

It said that battery life on those devices were nearing 24 hours which firmly beats that of the iPhone 5s, and also the devices were praised for having “large, clear display,” with mentions of the 5 inch Droid Maxx and Ultra screens. Rumors have been swirling in regards to the iPhone’s display size, with many expecting Apple to make another jump up next year, 2014. However, that is all speculation for now.

What do you think? Do you prefer the smaller 4 inch display to the others? How is your battery life? Let us know in the comments

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