If you’ve gotten your hands on an iPhone 5c official case from Apple since the launch of the device, you probably know that the case has a very…well…different design. The Apple made case is full of holes on the bottom half of the back of the device to allow the color of the device show through the case, and therefore allow two colors to show through on the back of the device.

While I’m sure many people appreciate this design of the case, it isn’t my favorite Apple design choice. Fortunately, a new app called CaseCollage allows for a little more customization to the case and allows users to make the case theirs, and uniquely so.

This new app allows users to design patters that can be used to fill in the open holes on the back of the iPhone 5c. While this isn’t actually a case itself, it is an app that will design and format customizations, and allow the user to print out their new design and use it with the official iPhone 5c case. The app allows users to put in their own images, or other colors, to create a fresh and cool design that will show through the holes on the back of the case.

The video embedded above shows an example of how to use the new app, and some of the design possibilities for iPhone 5c owners. While I don’t own an iPhone 5c, if I did, and I had the Apple case, I would probably use this app to create my very own design.

I like making device feel like they’re “mine” and this app allows for a little more customization. Will you use this new app to create your very own custom look for your iPHone 5c? Drop a comment below

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