While many people are of the opinion that since your iPhone is an elegant and refined premium device, it should be protected by layers of shock-proof cases, I don’t think that way.

Granted, I don’t work in an environment where protection is really necessary, but still, I’m of the opinion that sleek and minimal pouch or slip-on case is much more suited to the iPhone’s stylings. As long as it stops my device from getting scratched, and looks nice, I’m good.

Calypso’s Endless series caught my eye a few weeks ago, and I’m really pleased to have been able to get hold of one to review. Design wise, it’s all very minimal indeed. What we have is essentially a semi-rigid slip-on case covered with Alcantara.

For those of you unaware, Alcantara is one of the most sought-after luxury materials around. It’s completely man-made, and is often found in luxury sports cars, used as upholstery. Simply put: It’s an expensive vegan leather (although the Alcantara trademark owners insist that it’s not to be compared to leather in any way, it’s its own material).

At the top of the case, on the front and back, are a pair of semi-circle cutouts for removing your phone. Inside is lined with a black material. I couldn’t tell on inspection if it was the same Alcantara material, or some other micro-fiber.

Either way, your iPhone is suitably cuddled when placed inside the case. All the way around the edges is a silicone/rubber binding. It adds an element of style that I really like. And it’s here you see the most obvious evidence of the case’s manufacturing.

It isn’t completely straight, and has a couple of kinks in it here and there. Apart from that, that finish is near flawless. There are no rough edges anywhere and the Alcantara lining is perfectly applied.

All the Endless cases are manufactured by hand in Europe, with each of the delightful gift-wrap style boxes coming packed with a card bearing the signature of the person who made it.

On that note, I’ve not had as good experience opening a case packaging ever in my live. Seriously, check out the unboxing video above to see what I mean. It’s luxury at its finest. It gave the feel that something rather special was waiting inside.

Although there are no visible holes on the bottom edge, when I ran my thumb along it, I could feel a couple of cutouts underneath the fabric. That ensures that your loudspeaker isn’t completely silenced, but, sound is a little muffled.

Overall, I’m absolutely in love with the case’s design. It looks fantastic and has a beautiful texture. Personally, I think it’s one of those cases you’re either going to love or hate. Design is pretty minimal, something I love, and others will find dull.

My only criticism is the decision to use cutouts for removing the phone. I’d rather have the top of my phone completely covered and have a pull-tab for removing my iPhone. At least that way I know that if I happen to have keys or coins in my pocket, I won’t get any scratches on my iPhone’s glass surface.

Calypso Endless is available to buy from CalypsoCrystal.com for €54/$64 and comes in a choice of 12 colors (lots of gorgeous bright colors). I have the iPhone 5s/5 version, but it’s also available for the iPhone 4/4s as well as the new iPhone 5c.

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