Apple is set to open its first retail store in Turkey in January 2014. It will be situated in the country’s largest city, Istanbul and mark Apple’s entry into its thirteenth country.

Apple Store Set To Open In Istanbul In January – Apple’s First Store In Turkey

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Apple Store will measure 21,000 square feet inside the Zorlu shopping center. Interestingly, the store will be placed between stores from high fashion retailers Burberry and Louis Vuitton.

The store opening is great news for Turkish Apple customers who have previously gone un-served by Apple retail and mostly relied on the online store or licensed resellers to acquire devices and seek advice.

Tim Cook has previously spoken about his desire to sell more devices through Apple retail stores and how he wants to expand Apple’s retail presence into more countries.

Turkey will be the thirteenth country in which Apple has a retail presence with 400 stores worldwide (most of those in the USA). Apple hopes to open 30 new stores worldwide soon.

As well as international expansion, Apple also plans to relocate several stores to bigger spaces in order to better serve its customer base.

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