Apple October Keynote: App Store Reaches 1 Million Apps, ITunes Radio Clocks 20 Million Users

So to kick off Apple’s iPad launch event, some updates!

As you well know Apple’s brand new iPhones were met with a tremendous response, selling over 9 million devices in their first launch weekend! Apple kicked off the event with an excellent video documenting the launch event from the eyes of the Retail store.

On to iOS 7, Apple saw 200 million downloads of the software, making it the biggest and fastest software update in history. As of today, 64% of iOS devices are running iOS 7, phenomenal stuff. The phenomenal uptake of iOS 7 is a testament to Apple’s beautifully harmonious mobile platform, which makes it so easy for users to make the jump.

In the drama of the new iPhones and the release of a new iOS, iTunes radio slipped under the radar, and didn’t really receive much mainstream coverage, yet in the short space of time it’s been available, and confined to a U.S. release, Apple has already had 20 million unique users listen to over 1 Billion songs. As you may remember, Justin Timberlake praised the service to the heavens, and used iTunes Radio as the launch medium for his new album 20/20.

On to the App Store. The iOS now features 1 million apps! And users have made over 60 million cumulative downloads, rendering developers $13 billion in revenue! Absolutely staggering figures! Not only is Apple’s App Store bigger and more popular than ever, it’s also proving to be much more lucrative for developers both great and small.

Apple’s keynote events always begin with updates of this kind, and its a great opportunity to get to grips with Apple’s progress and achievements!

Are there any figures that surprised you or shocked you? Leave your comments below!

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