After waiting all weekend, I’ve finally got my hands on the Space Gray version of Apple’s latest smartphone. And from first looks alone the weight is worth it. From a design point of view the only two changes between the iPhone 5 and this are the home button and dual-LED flash sitting on the back.

Obviously, the color is different too, but from a style point of view, there’s very little new. But, you’d be surprised at just how much classier the front panel looks without the home button icon.

Also, the steel ring around the button adds an extra bit of glassy sheen and makes the front panel much more refined. It’s those little touches I really enjoy. The shiny metal surrounding the headset jack and Lightning port are equally pleasing to the eye.

Just like the iPhone 5, the 5s feels like a beautiful and solid piece of kit. Colors pop of the screen, and everything’s incredibly sharp. Personally, I think I still prefer the slate from the old black model to the current Space Gray.

But, I’m open for it to grow on me. It still looks classic, and I’d suggest to anyone to go and have a look at the real thing. Images definitely don’t do the gray model justice. The diamond-cut chamfers along the edges are beautiful.

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