You’ve seen the commercials. Samsung’s “the next big thing is already here,” commercials where the company makes fun of people waiting in line for an iPhone (if you haven’t seen one, I’ve embedded a commercial above).

A phone that’s already outdated. While the commercial certainly makes it seem as if the South Korean company thinks that waiting in Apple’s lines for a phone is ridiculous. But that commercial is clearly just a cover for what Samsung really thinks about Apple and its fans.

According to reports, Samsung had representatives located near the lines at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store today surveying the line, and asking users questions about whether the line was shorter or longer than last year, and whether or not people were more excited.

According to one Samsung representative there, it was because they were curious why Apple draws such large lines, and other companies don’t. “Other companies release new phones, but there’s not as much passion and heat. It’s only Apple. Why? We’re curious.”

While this may seem weird, it makes sense for Samsung. The company has been looking to emulate Apple’s business model for years (and maybe even copying some products…sorry, but it’s true), and part of Apple’s success is due to the company’s extremely loyal fan base.

Many are willing to wait hours in line to grab the new iPhone, and other companies want that kind of success. If you ran an Apple competitor, wouldn’t you want lines like that for your product launch, too?

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