According to AppleInsider, case makers are using the designs show in the schematics above to create accessories for the next generation 9.7″ iPad. We’ve seen a handful of part leaks already this year, and so the design show above really isn’t a huge surprise to us. I think the biggest surprise is just how thin the next tablet is going to be. At least, if these schematics end up to be genuine.

It’s supposedly dropping 2mm compared to the current generation of iPads. 7.5 mm would bring it just under the thickness of the iPhone 5/5s.

“Aside from those changes, the new iPad is expected to be lighter than its predecessor, helping to make the 9.7-inch tablet more portable. But the main elements of the device, including the home button, forward-facing FaceTime camera, lock button, and the location of the headphone jack and microphone on top of the device are all expected to stay largely the same.”

Apple’s iPad event is allegedly scheduled for October 15th. If that holds true, we’ll know within a few weeks whether or not there’s anything to these leaks and rumors. Until then, nothing is certain.

My biggest question is regarding Touch ID. Will Apple introduce it to iPads so soon after the iPhone or wait until next year when the technology’s had time to settle?

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