IOS 7 Increases Data Limit For Downloading Over Cellular

Anyone who has tried to download a large app knows that iOS has had a 50MB cap on how large an app can be to download over cellular data since last March. Anything larger than 50MB, and the App Store would force you to be on WiFi to download it. However, it looks like Apple has had a change of heart in iOS 7, and is allowing users to download larger apps over cellular data.

With the new iOS 7 hitting today, users are starting to notice that the 50MB limit has been doubled, and users are now allowed to download apps as large as 100MB using their cellular data plan.

In addition to apps, this new raise in the limit also affects music downloads, and other types of media. I’m pretty happy to see this because although I’m normally on a WiFi network, there are times where I’m trying to download a large app over 3G or LTE, and I’ve always hated the limit, especially since I have unlimited data.

Are you glad to see Apple raise the limit, or are you worried that you’ll be more likely to go over your data limit?

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