Sometimes it may seem like prices in America for phones are pretty good when compared to global prices. It isn’t uncommon that other countries pay significantly more for a device than we do in America.

While we may complain about paying $200 for a new iPhone 5c and being locked into a two-year contract, there are many other countries that have to pay a lot more for the same device.

When the iPhone 5c was announced, many were worried about the unsubsidized price being way to high to help emerging markets like China (although, it’s pretty clear that Apple won’t focus on emerging markets).

However, a new report today shows that the subsidized prices in China are actually pretty good deals. Most are even better than the best deals available in America.

Two of China’s top carriers, China Telecom and China Unicom (2nd and 3rd carriers in the country), are offering pretty great deals on the devices. China Telecom has three plans available where you can get a free iPhone 5s.

In the case of China Unicom, the company offers 8 plans where the iPhone 5c is free. China Telecom offers the iPhone 5c for free with just a two year contract for $63 per month.

While these may sound like pretty great deals, it is worth noting that these plans could come with some pretty significant contracts. However, the subsidies could be worth the significant price discount.

Would you consider adding another year to your contract if it would knock another $100 off the price of the device? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you would do!

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