WSJ Says Two IPhones Are Coming Early September

According to a rumor coming out of the Wall Street Journal, not one, but two new iPhones are for sure coming this fall, or early September. Apple has supposedly told Foxconn that the new iPhones are going to begin shipping early next month in anticipation of an announcement that has been rumored to be September 10th.

This rumor falls in line with what we have been rumored for quite a while now; a new, cheaper iPhone will come as the iPhone 5C and a new high-end device will come as the iPhone 5S.

The sources that the WSJ spoke with were unable to confirm if both would be available at the same time, or if Apple would choose to only highlight one at a time. We were told earlier today via AllThingsD that a gold iPhone 5S has been “confirmed,” so that can be something expected from these devices.

Of course you have heard the multiple rumors that have been coming in over and over again about the iPhone 5C, as it is being called, that will come in multiple colored plastic models. It will be interesting to see how this device is marketed in comparison to Apple’s high end devices.

I’m personally interested in the iPhone 5S in particular. With the rumored fingerprint scanner, and most likely bumped specs, it will be interesting to see if Apple follows the historical hardware/software/repeat mother that it has been using since introducing the iPhone 3GS.

I don’t think that if Apple continues this trend that it’ll be able to keep a hold on the smartphone market, as it is already beginning to slip. However with the iPhone 5C, maybe that will begin to change.

What do you think? Are you interested in the 5S or 5C? Thinking of buying one? Let us know in the comments

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