Nike FuelBand Developer Jay Blahnik Goes To Apple

Jay Blahnik, a former Nike employee that worked on the Nike FuelBand, is now headed to Apple. If this doesn’t add a lot of weight to the iWatch rumors, I’m not quite sure what else could other than an announcement by Apple.

The FuelBand, for those of you that don’t know, is a fitness tracking band that you wear around your wrist; similar to a watch. It displays and keeps track of your activity throughout the day, and you earn “Fuel” points, It can also show the time, steps taken, and calories burned in a day.

The iWatch has been rumored for quite a while now, and some of the rumors include that it will have a 1.5″ display, run some form of iOS (at this point, probably iOS 7.x), and will be able to connect to your iPhone is some shape or form, most likely via Bluetooth.

I am hoping the iWatch will have something that will show notifications such as phone calls, iMessage/text messages, emails, and things like that. Samsung is also rumored to be working on a smartwatch dubbed the Galaxy Gear. This is supposedly going to be announced sometime soon.

What do you think? Would you like an Apple made smartwatch? What would you most want it to do? Let us know in the comments

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