IWork For ICloud Beta Available For Everyone To Try [Screenshots]

Right now if you head over to beta.icloud.com and log in using your iCloud or Apple ID username and password, you’ll notice three new icons in the bottom row. Pages, Numbers and Keynote are all now available to try out.

As you can see, they all bear the “forgive all sins” beta logo in the top left corner, but, on first looks they appear to work quite well. All the familiar tools and options are there, and since it’s cloud based, there’s no need to ever hit ‘save’.

If you’ve never tried iWork apps before, this is your first chance. As long as you have an iCloud login, you should be able to gain access.

So, if either because you’ve never wanted to pay to use something that isn’t Microsoft Office for Mac, or you don’t own a Mac at all, this is your opportunity to give Pages, Numbers and Keynote a try. It’ll work in Safari and Chrome (I’ve tried both). As for Firefox or IE, I’m not 100%. But please do give it a try in IE and let us know how you get on.

The big draw here – of course – that iWork for iCloud doesn’t cost you a cent.

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